Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our 10 Worst Actresses

I was planning to write a little snarky paragraph about each of these actresses, but after writing a few of them I realized they were all going to sound exactly the same. These women all get a lot of work, get paid well, and pretty much play exactly the same character in all their movies. Don't expect range, nuance, or depth. These women can single-handedly make a good movie average and an average movie unwatchable.

1. Cameron Diaz
Acting low: What Happens in Vegas 

2. Jessica Alba
Acting low: Good Luck Chuck

3. Jennifer Lopez
Acting low: Gigli

4. Sandra Bullock
Acting low: Speed

5. Katie Holmes
Acting low: Batman Begins

6. Kate Hudson
Acting low: Fool's Gold

7. Winona Ryder
Acting low: Dracula

8. Jennifer Aniston
Acting low: The Break Up

9. Nicole Kidman
Acting low: Eyes Wide Shut

10. Halle Berry
Acting low: Catwoman

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