Tuesday, November 18, 2008

8 Phrases That Should Become Business Cliches

We're tired of phrases like "at the end of the day" and "in the pipeline." It's time we came up with some new awful business cliches that can get overused by every idiot with a PowerPoint deck and a Blackberry. The phrases below don't mean anything yet. But just you wait...

"on the prison toilet"

Looks like Johnson is on the prison toilet again.

"looking for rhubarb"
I think we're ahead but might we might just be looking for rhubarb.

"another chrome squirrel"

Great, Johnson just showed up with another chrome squirrel.

"trading ham for toothpaste"

Sometimes I feel like our department is just trading ham for toothpaste.

"trailer park effect"

We've had to rethink the marketing plan thanks to the trailer park effect.

"grooming the mule"

Hanlon was at the convention grooming the mule.

"red gravy on Mars"

This new long-term strategic plan is like red gravy on Mars.

"packaged wet and sold for dry"

Looks like the new widget product will have to be packaged wet and sold for dry.

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