Sunday, September 14, 2008

7 Possibilities for What the Girl in the McDonald's Commercial Means When She Claims to "Always Bring the Flavor"

  1. She shows up at parties uninvited and immediately begins loudly proclaiming her obvious fashion and sexual superiority to all the other guests.
  2. She rarely washes food stains off of her garments.
  3. She is mentally unbalanced and entertains friends with her frequent manic breakdowns.
  4. She tries to improve her station by speaking in a comical attempt at a cultured British accent that sounds more like a gay Australian man.
  5. She stores dead squirrels in her pockets.
  6. She always dresses in the traditional ethnic clothes of a country she's never been to, heard of or could point to on a map.
  7. She stopped brushing her teeth three years ago.

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