Friday, September 12, 2008

Top Ten Least Attractive Presidents

1John Quincy Adams

: He's angry, he's bird-like, he's the least attractive president.
2Abraham Lincoln

: He may have an honest face, but it's also a trainwreck.
3John Adams

: He looked less like a president and more like a frightened, chubby finch.
4George Washington

: Our founding father looked like a dowdy old woman.
5Martin Van Buren

: It's all in the hair, baby.
6James Buchanan

: Speaking of hair...
7Richard Nixon:

He looks like he could really stink up a bathroom, eh?
8Grover Cleveland

: He accented his portly frame with a mustache that looked like he was snorting a squirrel.
9Chester Arthur

: When Chester sat around the White House, he really sat around the White House.
10Lyndon Johnson:

It was rumored aides hid grapefruits in his ears when he slept.

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Sid said...

Chester Arthur was hot. I think you're a top ten least attractive blogger.