Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The 10 Worst Movie Cliches

  1. Guy Gets Girl, Guy loses girl, Guy gets girl back in the final scene.
    Example: Failure to Launch
    Disaster happens, motley crew is assembled, motley crew saves the day.
    Example: Armageddon

  2. Guy loves girl who is just a friend, girl dates jerk, guy rescues girl and they fall in love.
    Example: Picture Perfect

  3. No one believes scientist that end of world is imminent, scientist saves world.
    Example: The Day After Tomorrow

  4. Vampires!
    Example: Lost Boys

  5. Athlete is washed up but still has fire, gets call to return, saves the day in dramatic fashion.
    Example: The Natural

  6. Kids discover amazing thing and try to keep it hidden, adults/government discover it and ruin it.
    Example: ET

  7. Outcast is befriended by popular kid, they have a falling out, outcast ends up popular.
    Example: She's All That

  8. Aliens show up, no one's sure if they're good or bad, they turn out to be bad, they are thwarted.
    Example: Signs

  9. Some science happens, the dead awake and begin attacking the living, the living fight back and win. (Editor's note: Why is it that zombies are always angry? We could understand if they were confused, frustrated, or even appreciative, but why always with the anger?)
    Example: Night of the Living Dead

  10. Ordinary guy becomes hero, public turns against him, he saves the day and wins over the public once again.
    Example: Spiderman


Thomas Gray said...

What, you've never heard of ebert's little movie glossary?

Try it! Now!

Technogeekboy said...

Nice little collection. Thanks for the tip.